If you are planning to use a VDR service provider, there are many benefits you should look for. Using VDR for audits can be specifically useful as it automates a lot of procedures. By storing all documents in one protect location, the entire staff can verify any episode. Furthermore, VDR allows the full fleet to see the captured video. It also makes this possible to deliver notifications to team members as soon as a question can be submitted.

One advantage of using VDR just for audits is the fact you can watch the team as they operate. However , that is expensive and you could not be able to observe typical actions of staff members. Yet , you can look at data from voyage data recorders to get a wise decision of what they are doing instead of doing. Actually OCIMF lately revised a document that provides tips on how to use VDR for audits. It was originally published in 2013 and includes improvements on the overall performance of VDRs.

Moreover, a VDR just for audits might eliminate the likelihood of duplicate documents. The best Digital Data Place will also give alerts pertaining to the examiners plus the audit group. All of these features will make that easy for you to set up the audit crew and keep an eye on its progress. If you choose to employ VDR for the purpose of audits, you article should be able to save money and time while maintaining complying. So , so what are you waiting for? Try a VDR today!